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5 Worrying Reasons of Losing Weight without Wanting!

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Are you losing weight without wanting it and do not know why? Unintentional weight loss may be warning of a serious problem, such as the existence of a systemic disease. Therefore, although we can be happy to lose a few kilos, it is important that if we are not doing anything to lose weight, we go to our doctor.

Some Reasons why you are Losing Weight without Wanting it

We will discover some reasons that make you lose weight involuntarily and that can cause serious health problems.

1. Consumption of Certain Drugs

Although medicines often provide relief of a symptom or the solution to a problem, sometimes can have a negative impact on our weight.

  • The drugs that usually cause unexplained weight loss are usually those that are used in treatments for cancer, due to chemotherapy, or those destined for the thyroid.

However, within drugs we cannot avoid talking about drugs. The consumption of cocaine or amphetamines can cause involuntary weight loss, in addition to having a negative effect on health.

2. Stress, Anxiety and Depression

The emotional problems are often one of the reasons why you’re losing weight unwillingly, because our emotions have a great effect on our body.

“The loss of appetite and feeding in an inadequate way are some of the reasons that make you lose weight”.

  • In cases of anxiety or depression, the drugs can also induce that lack of appetite that favors that weight loss. Therefore, we must attend to their contraindications.

3. Persistent Infections

Due to a weakened immune system, you may be exposed to flu, gastroenteritis and a series of infections that may be causing you to lose weight.

  • In cases of gastroenteritis, for example, diarrhea can cause, in addition to dehydration, weight loss.

Also, we would have to monitor if they have changed our habits to go to the bathroom. For example, if before we suffered constipation often and now diarrhea, or if there are periods in which they are interspersed. Occasionally, it may be an indication of colon cancer.

4. Oncological Surgery

If you have recently undergone oncological surgery in which part of the small intestine has been removed, it is very likely that you are losing weight due to energy consumption and fatigue after the operation. Many surgeons already warn that it is totally normal that there is a loss of weight after surgery. However, this should be temporary. If the problem lasts over time, we should find out what is causing this weight loss.

5. Addison’s Disease

Have you ever heard of Addison’s disease? This disease occurs when there is a lack of hormones, especially cortisol , which affects the adrenal glands. When the disease is advanced there may be weakness, nausea and vomiting. An alteration in the gastrointestinal function is also added, and loose stools may arise. All these conditions may be one of the reasons why you are losing weight without wishing it.

Beware of Changes in Diet

In many cases, a change in diet can cause us to lose weight in an inexplicable way. For example, introducing more vegetables and fruit can lead to this weight loss. Also if we radically modify our habits. For example, opting for vegetarianism or veganism could lead to weight loss.

  • Many times, during the period of adaptation of our body, we suffer changes in our gastrointestinal function.
  • Our body may not be able to absorb the new nutrients correctly until they get used to it.
  • If we introduce new foods that we have never eaten, we have to give our body’s time to get used to them.

In the first weeks it is normal to go to the bathroom more. Many people call this “detoxification period.” The important thing is to detect if our unexplained weight loss is momentary or lasts over time. In any case, it will be necessary to go to the doctor to reassure us about it, and tell us which of the previous reasons is behind that weight loss.


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