6 errors that Prevent you from Enjoying a Healthy Breakfast!

We must take our time to have healthy breakfast. It is also important to include healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables, and avoid drinking only coffee. Although in the day there should be at least three main meals, breakfast is the most influential in our lives because we start the day with it. Enjoy a healthy breakfast is possible and simpler than you think!

Enjoy a Healthy Breakfast

For many years nutritionists have insisted on giving a special space, because with breakfast we bring to the body:

  • carbohydrates
  • proteins
  • healthy fats
  • other nutrients with high energy value

In addition, if we choose the right foods, we prolong the feeling of fullness and reduce the chances of exceeding the daily number of calories. Of course, everything depends on the metabolism, intolerances and nutritional needs of each one. However, at a general level there are a number of mistakes that many commit daily without knowing that with themselves who are ruining their diets. Next we want to reveal 6 of them so you can identify them and try to avoid them from now on. Pay attention and get ready to enjoy a healthy breakfast!

Common Mistakes at Breakfast Time

1. Skip it to Save Calories

Unfortunately, many people still believe in the myth that skipping breakfast can save you calories so you do not gain weight. This thought is quite common, especially because some of the popular “miracle diets” recommend it. This is totally false, because in reality it is a trigger to eat more calories in later hours. The body needs to be recharged each morning to have a good physical and mental performance, in addition to feeling satiated. By not enjoying a healthy breakfast, all we do is cause a sense of fatigue and uncontrollable desire to eat as soon as you have the opportunity.

2. A Breakfast Very Rich in Carbohydrates

From the 50s and 60s, when the food industry and the bakery began to dominate the market, cookies, bread and cereals became the “kings” of breakfast. Its publicity as a fast and “nutritious” food option made hundreds of people substitutes other healthier foods for these. That tradition has spread throughout these decades and, today, many still think that these products rich in sugars and carbohydrates are a healthy option. The truth is that they are not as good as they are painted. In addition to providing more than the recommended amount of carbohydrates, they do not meet the nutritional requirements of the body.

3. A Breakfast Too Light

Although not every day you need to eat a food loaded with antioxidants, fiber and protein, ideally so be most of the time. The downside is that millions of people ignore this and leave every day at home just ingesting a coffee with a couple of cookies. Although at first this can control the sensation of hunger, its nutrients are not enough to put the body into shape. In fact, many health and nutrition professionals agree that breakfast should consume around 500 calories, that is, 25% of the daily energy required by the body.

“However, in the case of people who are trying to lose weight, 350 calories is ideal”.

4. Take it Too Late

A frequent mistake is to let more than an hour pass after waking up to eat this first meal. It is essential to take it before, because just when we get up the body requires energy to carry out each one of the physical, cerebral and hormonal activities. If nutritional needs are not met soon, the production of stomach acid increases and can lead to discomfort. In addition, it increases the risk of lowering blood sugar levels too much, and suffering from dizziness and concentration difficulties.

5. Do not Include Fruits and Vegetables

Breakfast time is one of the best times to benefit the body with all the nutrients provided by fruits and vegetables. Its consumption is essential because they are the main source of fiber, vitamins, minerals and other nutritional substances that support the functions of the body. If possible, they should be eaten raw, either in a salad or liquefied in a natural juice or smoothie. Enjoying a healthy breakfast implies including fruits and vegetables in it!

6. Eat Quickly

Breakfast may contain all the nutritional groups that are required to start the day in the best way. However, when eaten with eagerness, they do not usually chew well and tend to cause difficulties in the digestive system. It is essential to invest at least 20 minutes to ingest it, in addition to doing it in a quiet place without distractions.

Do you identify any of these errors? If so, you’d better start to correct them so that nothing prevents you from enjoying a healthy breakfast and full of energy!

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