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Do Eating More Times a Day Results in Weight Loss?


In addition to enjoying more energy throughout the day, the metabolism will work constantly, which is positive to lose Weight

Does Eating More Times a Day Help You Lose Weight?

One of the biggest polemics surrounding weight loss is the amount of food that needs to be made daily. Some opt for restrictive diets, while others choose to eat more times a day.

“What you should know is that among the factors related to overweight and obesity, it is important to have a slow metabolism. Hence, making several meals a day is the healthiest option”.

However, the question goes beyond just eating more times, and that is to eat properly. Therefore, here we will talk about the reasons why you should eat more times to lose weight.

You Will Have More Energy

One of the best reasons to eat more times a day is that the body will have enough energy to function. For this to really happen, you have to select the right foods. It has been shown that consuming more protein significantly increases energy. This will allow you to perform more activities to increase caloric expenditure.

You Will Avoid Being Hungry at all Hours

Very common in diets with little amount of food is causing a sense of anxiety that makes us think only of eating. On the contrary, by eating more times a day you will feel satiated all the time. In addition, since you will not be desperate to eat, you will be more aware of food. Several investigations indicate that it is essential to pay attention to the moment of eating. You must stay away from anything that might distract you from every meal to avoid hunger outside the established times.

Similarly, not having anxiety for food will allow you to create healthy and lasting eating habits. With a diet with an insufficient caloric intake you will achieve fast but ephemeral results; at the end of the diet, the same or a greater amount of food will be consumed again.

Accelerates the Metabolism

Eating more times during the day causes your metabolism to be constantly working. Contrary to other types of diet, the body will not accumulate fats to create reserves. The ideal is to prevent your body from entering into a state of stress. Three meals a day and two snacks is the most viable and safe solution to lose weight, without recovering it with the famous rebound effect. Since one of the main causes of overweight is the slow metabolism, activate it to lose weight. By eating more times a day, our body will always be in ‘movement’.

If you have questions about what to eat and portions, seek the help of a nutritionist who will prepare a meal plan. Over time, you will learn how to make the feed changes yourself.

You Will Provide the Essential Nutrients to the Body

Performing a minimum number of meals a day will cause a deficit of elemental nutrients for the body to function. This can have severe consequences on our health. For example, your defenses will be very low, so you can get sick with a cold or flu. You will also be more susceptible to damage caused by free radicals, so your skin will be affected. To lose weight, you have to supply your body with the essential nutrients of the different food groups. To achieve a lasting weight loss it is advisable to eat fruits and vegetables more times a day. Analyze your diet and, if it limits portions of healthy foods, change it a little to make it healthier.

You Will Develop Muscle Mass

The only way to transform fat into muscle is to consume the right amount of calories according to your energy needs. Eating more times a day will regulate insulin levels and allow the free flow of amino acids, factors that promote muscle development. Being healthy and fit is not just about losing weight, it’s about building muscle. You could keep your same weight, but if you turn fat into muscle your appearance would be totally different.

In short, a diet that includes several meals during the day can significantly increase weight loss. However, in addition to eating more times, we must make sure to eat foods that provide the essential nutrients to the body at the same time you accelerate your metabolism.


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