How to heal the Irritable Bowel Naturally Fast and Forever?

You may not be one of them, but many people who hear about “irritable bowel syndrome” are confused about what this disorder means. Nor are the symptoms associated with it very clear. In this article you can understand everything related to this syndrome and also how to treat it effectively.

What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Irritable bowel syndrome is often classified as a functional disorder, that is, it is a primary abnormality that affects the physiological function of the body. The Irritable bowel syndrome affects the intestines and stomach and is a common disorder that affects a large number of people. Approximately 10% to 15% or more of the population suffers from this disorder.

It is also known by other names such as:

  • mucous colitis,
  • Nervous stomach,
  • Spastic colon,
  • Spastic colitis or
  • Irritable colon.

It is a complex disorder, whose symptoms are not clearly defined and cannot be diagnosed in a traditional way, such as blood tests, X-rays and others. To understand it better, you must learn about these factors:

Irritable Bowel: Symptoms:

The symptoms, that is, the most common manifestations that it produces in humans. This disorder, also called irritable bowel syndrome, is not really a disease, but rather it is a “syndrome”, especially since it is a group of symptoms. And some of these symptoms contradict each other. For example, some people suffer from diarrhea, while some people experience constipation. One of the symptoms of irritable bowel is abdominal pain caused by changes in the intestinal pattern. This disorder is not as serious as other diseases such as cancer, brain tumors, etc., but the discomfort it causes in patients is enough to disturb their social life.

Irritable Colon: Causes:

As I said before, it is not a disease, it is actually a disorder, and its causes are not well known to many people.

There are people who think that it is caused by the consumption of some type of food that does not agree with the digestion itself. Others may think that it is caused by some type of virus or bacteria. The reality, what you have to know, is that it is not caused by any of this, but it is a state in which your intestines do not function properly, and this leads to the various symptoms you experience.

There are Two Main Triggers of the Disorder:

1. Stress 

Many studies have shown that stress can have a huge impact on irritable bowel symptoms. In fact, and closing the circle, the stress caused by knowing that you have this disorder, can trigger your symptoms even more and aggravate it. This is the reason why therapy is part of the treatment of irritable bowel. And this is also the reason why people nowadays opt for alternative therapies for their treatment.

“Many people take yoga classes or seek through the acupuncture process to help relieve stress and thus improve their overall health”.

2. Food

Eating the wrong kind of food can definitely trigger the symptoms of irritable bowel. Foods that are high in fat should be avoided by people suffering from this disorder. Alcohol should also be avoided, as it is a known trigger for the disorder.

Irritable Bowel Treatment to Relieve Symptoms:

Knowing what this disorder is also implies knowing the different treatments that are used to relieve its symptoms and to cure it. Here we will give you some useful tips to relieve symptoms but if you really want to get rid of this evil forever, we recommend you follow the natural treatment described in the book “No More Irritable Colon” by Ayda Torres.

· Here you can Access the Book:

This natural medicine specialist has created a system that is helping many people with colon problems. There are several drugs that are used today to help stop one or more of your symptoms. However, since irritable bowel syndrome is not a disease in itself, there is no definitive drug to cure it. What you can do if you suffer from this disorder is to try to keep symptoms at bay by using different natural treatments such as specialized diets and relaxation techniques. Medications are not the only way to control the symptoms of the irritable bowel, they are not even the best way, but you have other natural means at your fingertips that can help you in the cure of this syndrome that we show you below.

· Colon Massage:

Among these natural means I can mention colon massage, mind-body healing and a diet rich in fiber. The colon massage can be done while lying down and bending the knees or sitting on the toilet. You have to close your right hand in a fist and gently massage the colon in a circular motion, digging with the knuckles. It begins in the lower right quadrant of the abdomen and continues to make circular movements in the right part of the rib cage. Next, you do the same with the left quadrant of the abdomen and try to reach the groin or pubic bone with the massage. The objective of this exercise is, fundamentally, to induce intestinal movement. That is why it is also used to help relieve colic in newborns, as it forces the outflow of gases, as well as feces. But you have to be careful to apply minimal force when doing this exercise to newborns or young children.

· Emotional Therapies:

The other treatment I was talking about is mind-body healing and you may be wondering why apply this type of healing to control the syndrome. Well, without going into much detail, irritable bowel syndrome often causes emotional and mental stress, and this, in turn, aggravates the symptoms of the disorder. Therefore, to relieve these symptoms, certain somato-emotional release therapies may be recommended. These therapies are based on the belief that traumas are sometimes stored in the tissues of the body and not just in the mind or soul of patients and therefore have to be eliminated for healing to occur. These therapies include, for example, craniosacral therapy, acupuncture, reiki, and other types of healing energy exercises.

· The Importance of Fiber:

Finally, in the food section, eating foods rich in fiber is also a natural way to control irritable bowel syndrome. But with a precaution: be sure to include fiber little by little in the diet, as abrupt consumption of fiber can cause gas and can trigger irritable bowel symptoms. Another tip that may be helpful is to write down the foods you eat and see the list of foods that trigger the symptoms. This will help you avoid them from now on.

· The Ultimate Cure:

As mentioned earlier, in the book “No More Irritable Colon” you can find the definitive cure with proven natural treatments and very easy to put into practice that will allow you to end the irritable bowel discomfort.  From here you can order the book at a solidarity price.


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