What type of Healthy Habits Affect the Weight Loss Diet?


Although you are leading a healthy life with healthy habits, there are some that can harm your weight loss and we explain what they are.There are certain healthy habits that can be counterproductive when it comes to losing weight.

“It is thought that switching to healthier lifestyles, such as improving your diet, going to the gym and sleeping more will help you lose weight. However, what works for many people, is not the most appropriate for everyone”.

Your intention may be the best, but you must be careful. Sometimes, unintentionally you can be spoiling the efforts to lose some weight. What mistakes can you are making?

1. Drastically Reduce Food Portions

Getting the amount you eat to be the right one should not mean killing you with hunger. If you reduce much what you put on the plate, your body will take action and nothing good will happen. Your hormones will turn against you and you will enter a continuous state of hunger. The result is that anxiety will appear and you will feel a sense of failure in your plan. The solution is to achieve a perfect balance between proteins, vegetables and healthy fats from 3 to 5 hours.

2. Betting on Light Foods

Opting for light or reduced-fat foods is not synonymous with helping you achieve your goals. Many times these products incorporate more sugars or other additives that hurt more to your intentions to lose weight than the product ‘ no light ‘. In addition, your body needs fats, and if you take them all, we are in the problem before. The only fat that you should remove yes or yes is the “trans “, which is usually in processed foods, such as pastries, some cookies, chips, etc. Try foods with healthy fats such as salmon, nuts or avocados. This type of healthy habits can be really counterproductive to a healthy diet.

3. Use Energy Bars and Drinks

Filling your energy tank with bars and sports drinks is only a good idea if you are going to play sports later. Most have many calories and can even get the exercise you’ve done is worth nothing, as far as weight loss is concerned. We recommend water before, during and after your exercise sessions, as well as eating nuts to increase our energy reserves.

4. Healthy Habits that Will Not Make You Lose Weight: Do an Excessive Cardio Exercise

This is one of the worst integrated healthy habits. Do not get obsessed with doing cardio every day. You will not lose as much weight as you would if you combined cardio with hard work. If you manage to strengthen your muscles, you will burn more calories. Try working with high intensity exercises three days a week, alternating with cardio work for a couple of days.

5. Abusing Artificial Sweeteners

The sugar added to meals is a bad idea. However, the food option with artificial sweeteners is not better. Maybe in the short term they will help you lose weight, but in the long term you run the risk of suffering other health problems.

6. Prioritize Gluten-Free Foods

It has become fashionable to consume gluten- free foods to lose weight. It is a serious mistake. Unless you’re celiac, you should not make that decision. Sometimes in its preparation very caloric ingredients are used to improve the flavor. If the goal is to lose weight, this is one of the healthy habits that will not do us any good. In short, we must avoid these healthy counterproductive habits to maintain a healthy diet and an appropriate lifestyle and, at the same time, lose weight. The keys to a healthy diet are to measure the proportions well, combine the food well and make sure that each dish has the right amounts of each nutrient. This is the most appropriate and simple way to lose weight, in addition to the most effective. Thus, it will not be necessary to resort to complicated methods of self-deception or crazy practices to try to follow a certain diet.

We must also take into account the components of the products we buy carefully read the labels and inform us of their composition. So we will be more aware of what we eat without spending the day counting calories or wondering why we do not get the results we want.


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