What are the Methods of Including Raspberries in Your Diet?

It can be difficult for you to cook with raspberries, but we give you the keys to get it. The raspberries are some delicious wild fruits. They are known as “the candy of nature”. Its exquisite taste between sweet and sour is irresistible to any palate. However, eating a lot of raspberries offers more benefits than enjoying an afternoon with good coffee. In addition, they contain many nutrients to keep us in good condition. They are a healthy and perfect dessert.

We just have to discover how to use them in the daily diet. At what times of the day it is better to ingest them and with what other ingredients we can combine them. Do not worry, because if you want to lose weight you can also know how to use raspberries in your diet.

What Makes Raspberries Healthy?

Raspberries belong to the family Rosaceae, plants that are subdivided into herbaceous, shrubs and trees. They grow in temperate areas. Especially in the center and north of the European continent. They are considered as strawberries in the forest. They are born from the raspberry tree, which is a type of wild plant. In the same way, it is considered one of the main fruits of Europe. But what makes them so healthy? Because besides being rich, these strawberries are an important source of all kinds of vitamins and minerals. In fact, in 100 grams of raspberries there are:

  • 41 mg of calcium
  • 220 mg of potassium
  • 4 g of fiber
  • 45 mcg of folates
  • 39 calories

What Time can You Eat Raspberries?

Above all, fruits are a source of energy. Therefore, the best time to eat them is in the morning, during breakfast. Despite their reduced caloric intake, they will fill you with energy. Therefore, it is better to consume them whole because in juice or shakes you lose a good part of your fiber intake. However, there are other ways to take advantage of them for the benefit of health.

“There are healthy recipes with raspberries that expand the way to consume them without sacrificing the nutritional contribution”.

However, before entering that point, we will learn how to choose the best ones.

Learn to Choose the Best Raspberries

Did you know that there is not only one type of raspberries? There are many. Specifically, 8 types of different varieties of these forest strawberries have been distinguished. These are some of the common names:

  • Morapeluda
  • Ruboideoespinoso
  • Sanguesa
  • Bear Grapes
  • Yrdús
  • Zarza idea

It is good to know the alternative names. In this way, you can try other varieties. In addition, these fruits occur in certain seasons, mostly between the months of July and October. Make sure it is thick, with a consistent pulp and an intensely bright color. If you squeeze them, you should feel that there is pressure. They should not have mold and they have to be dry and fresh. The stem should be green.

Benefits of Eating Raspberries

Eating them brings many benefits for the human body. We know that fiber helps detoxify the body or that vitamin C is punctual to raise the defenses. But there is more:

  • Above all, they contain folic acid, a type of vitamin B. It is necessary for cell multiplication. Its use is recommended in women of gestational age.
  • The potassium of raspberries is recommended to treat high blood pressure, kidney failure and coronary diseases.
  • The vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. It reduces the risk of degenerative, cardiovascular diseases and, even, it has been indicated as an anticancer agent.

Delicious Recipes

Yes now. We get to the point where we will discover rich ways to use raspberries in daily food, and without guilt. You can also add them to a weight loss regimen because most of their recipes are healthy.

Vinaigrette for Salads


  • 150 g of raspberries
  • 375 ml of white vinegar


  • First, take a glass jar.
  • Next, fill it with raspberries and bathe in vinegar.
  • Finally, let stand 1 day.
  • Use it in marinades, salads or to glaze baked meats.

Entry with Yogurt


  • 150 g of raspberries
  • 250 g of Greek yogurt or cream cheese


  • First, take the fruit cup.
  • Next, mix with Greek yogurt or cream cheese, as you prefer.
  • Finally, remember to serve cold. This recipe works as a perfect and healthy entry. But it can also be used as a mid-morning snack.


Finally, desserts may be the best place to eat them because of their delicious flavor.


  • 250 g of Greek yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon (15 g) of flaxseed oil
  • 125 g of raspberries
  • 3 teaspoons (21 g) of nuts


  • First, take the Greek yogurt, and mix it with the flaxseed oil.
  • Next, chop the raspberries and sprinkle with 1 teaspoon of sugar.
  • Finally, place everything in a glass and finish by placing the nuts. We assure you that its flavor is delicious.

Final Comments

In short, you can eat any variety of raspberries and enjoy the enormous benefits it has for health. However, remember to consume them sparingly. Finally, we recommend you take a balanced diet and enough physical activity to maintain your health at optimal levels.

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