Reduce Belly with Pineapple, Cucumber and Celery, Ginger and Lemon Juice.

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Thanks to the properties of its ingredients this juice helps us to accelerate the metabolism. We must combine it with a balanced diet and exercise to achieve good results. The belly is the headache of hundreds of people around the world, who seek different ways to reduce it and support the fat removal process that usually accumulates there. In this part of the body is where, normally, the excess of kilos, the retention of liquids, food intolerances and many other problems that affect us as far as the aesthetic is concerned, become more evident. To deal with this problem and reduce the belly effectively, it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced eating plan and exercises. But, in addition to that, there are some additional aids that can support the body to effectively deflate the abdomen and eliminate those wastes that cause that annoying belly.

Among the remedies to support weight reduction in this part of the body, we have found a special juice that, due to its high concentration of nutrients, acts as a good support for the diet. Would you like to meet him?

Pineapple, Cucumber, Celery, Ginger and Lemon Juice

Ingredients such as pineapple, cucumber and celery are famous for having a diuretic action that facilitates the elimination of liquids that accumulate in the body and that usually influence weight gain. Ginger and lemon have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation throughout the digestive system, while also fighting the most common problems such as intestinal gas and abdominal distension.

“Uniting all these foods in a single drink is a natural remedy to cleanse the body, lose weight and, incidentally, improve health”.

Among its main benefits include:

  • It facilitates the work of the body when burning abdominal fat.
  • Combat constipation and other digestive problems.
  • Its diuretic action improves kidney function and helps balance body fluids.
  • Supports weight loss, generating a feeling of fullness for longer.
  • Accelerates the metabolism to improve the body’s ability to burn calories.
  • Its concentration of different types of antioxidants makes it ideal to stop the action of free radicals, molecules that alter the normal functioning of the organs of the body and that can lead to cancer and premature aging.

Why this Juice Helps Lose Belly?

The main cause of the swollen belly is the fat that accumulates in this part of the body as a result of poor diet. By providing the body with a source of antioxidant and cleansing compounds, this natural juice supports the elimination of calories and prevents the creation of fat deposits. On the other hand, inflammation can be the result of gastrointestinal problems, which can also be relieved by frequent consumption of this beverage. It is also important to note that when the body does not eliminate fluids properly, the belly and many parts of the body are affected, increasing the risk of cardiovascular problems and overweight.

How to Prepare this Juice?

The ingredients used in this juice are very easy to acquire and their prices are usually very cheap, depending on the season.


  • ½ cucumber
  • 2 branches of celery
  • 1 glass of water (200 ml)
  • 1 lemon
  • ½ teaspoon of ginger (5 g)
  • ½ cup of chopped pineapple (77 g)
  • ¼ green apple


  • Peel the cucumber and cut it into several pieces. Wash the celery and other ingredients very well and place them in the blender, except for the lemon.
  • Process all the ingredients until you get a homogeneous drink and then add the juice of a lemon.

It is advisable to take this juice on an empty stomach because at this time they take advantage of all their properties to lose weight and provide energy to the body. At first the ideal is to take it a week and rest for three days. When you have already achieved weight loss, you can continue taking at least 2 or 3 times a week.


This juice helps to lose weight, but it is not a miraculous product that can burn fat without the support of a good diet and exercise. Under no circumstances should the main meals be substituted, since it does not comply with the full nutritional contribution. It should not be taken in excess because it has a laxative effect that could be counterproductive. At most you can drink two glasses a day.

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