What is Paleo Diet and What are the Benefits of this Diet?

Before adopting the paleo diet it is important to consult with a nutritionist to know if it is viable in our case, especially if we have some type of nutritional deficiency. Have you heard about the paleo diet? Do you know what it consists of? If you answered “yes” to the first question but “no” to the second question, or if you are not completely sure, do not worry. The paleo diet has become a fad that sometimes we still do not understand well. The good news is that it has positive effects that are worth knowing. So keep reading that here we will talk a little about her.

What is the Paleo Diet?

Let’s start with the basics: understand what the paleo diet consists of and where this feeding style comes from. The paleo diet tries to copy the food that the human being used to follow when he was a hunter, before the current civilization. This is supported by the idea that these early humans were free of modern diseases such as diabetes, heart problems and cancer, to name a few.

Due to this idea, this diet is based on the consumption of:

  • Meat and its derivatives as less processed as possible
  • Natural vegetables
  • Organic and seasonal fruits
  • Seeds and nuts of good quality

Out of the list are:

  • Any meat and processed derivative, frozen or that has been treated in any way
  • Processed grains
  • Chemical sugars
  • Any food that is not found in nature.

Benefit in Glucose Tolerance

One of the aspects in which the paleo diet consists is in reducing the amount of calories consumed, but increasing its quality. This translates directly into an improvement in blood glucose levels and in the elimination of fat in it. Although you will continue to eat meat and fat, these will be natural and of good quality. Therefore, you will get the benefits you need without adding problems to your health. This was proven in a study that compared the change in people who followed the Mediterranean diet and adopted the paleo diet. It was also seen that body fat decreased and a healthier weight was achieved, up to 5 kilos less.

Reduction of Blood Pressure

Another study found that in addition to helping to lose pounds, the paleo diet also reduces systolic blood pressure. This is good news if your doctor has recommended you to monitor it or if you are already having serious problems with it. Of course, remember that to maintain the effect is necessary to understand what the diet paleo and follow it for a long time. Much of this effect is due to the fact that salt is one of the foods discarded in this diet.

Reduction of Fat

Another of the studies that have been done to understand what the paleo diet consists of showed that the cells and internal organs detoxify and reduce the amount of accumulated fat.

“These results in fewer diseases, inflammation and problems related to the metabolic syndrome”.

You will notice the effect on the loss of centimeters in the measurements of your waist. In the specific case of the study, a loss of 4.5 kg in body weight, cholesterol reduction, serum glucose and pressure were detected.

Follow the Paleo Diet

Although we have cited relevant studies, there are some things you should take into account before following this diet:

  • The results are not decisive because there are still not many studies carried out. This means that there could be negative aspects that we still do not know. However, taking this diet with your nutritionist’s review is still a good option.
  • You should always take into account your physical and medical condition. It is normal that when adopting the paleo diet, suddenly, you find yourself with dizziness and some other physical discomforts.

While you must learn to recognize them to act on time, they are normal. These are due to the elimination of carbohydrates and sugars, among others.

  • It will not always be easy to carry, basically because the current world is not designed for life thousands of years ago. This implies that you will have to learn to make intelligent decisions about what you eat, when and where.

Is it Worth the Paleo Diet?

Yes, as long as you do it with the supervision of an expert in health or nutrition. Remember that some people should avoid meats for medical reasons (those who suffer kidney diseases, for example).

So, before making radical changes, talk to your doctor to see if it is viable.

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